Green to Wear classification

Every wet processes mill we work with is classified according to its environmental performance and must apply a series of measures for continuous improvement.

Every wet processes mill we work with at Inditex is evaluated through the indicators of the Green to Wear questionnaire and are each assigned a grade. According to the result obtained in the questionnaire, companies are classified according to their environmental performance. Each Green to Wear classification is linked to a series of measures for continuous improvement that must be implemented by the mill, allowing us to advance towards a supply chain that is increasingly respectful of the environment. 

The Green to Wear standard differentiates between the following categories:

  • A - Best in class. The "Best in class" mills are capable of an efficient and an effective management of their resources, increasing their productivity and reducing their impact on the environment. 
  • B - Good performance. The "B" classification is granted to mills that achieve a good level of environmental management of their activities, with efficient control of their resources and their environmental impact, but in which there is still room for improvement. These mills must implement an improvement measure each year until they achieve the "A" classification.
  • C - Poor performance. These are mills at risk of being considered as "very poor performance" because their use of resources (water, energy, raw materials) is inefficient and/or they do not control their environmental impact in a proper and systematic manner (improper operation of their waste water treatment processes, poor management of solid waste, etc.) These mills must implement an improvement measure every 6 months until they achieve the "B" classification.
  • D - Very poor performance. These are mills that present a high environmental risk, carrying out non-sustainable activities with a high environmental impact. In view of the high environmental risk that they represent, these mills have 6 months to improve their situation, or they will no longer be able to manufacture products for the Inditex Group.

Companies classified as A - Best in class or B - Good performance may request the Plus+ category, i.e., A+ or B+.

The Plus+ category is granted to companies that carry out Green to Wear best technologies.