Detox Commitment

We have the commitment of achieving zero discharge of hazardous chemicals by 2020 in the manufacture of our products.

Beyond the commitment to provide our customers with high quality articles, which are compliant with the most stringent health and safety regulations worldwide and manufactured in a responsible and a sustainable way, Inditex drive for protecting the environment and natural resources has been a core value of the group from the outset.

Under the umbrella of the Sustainable Inditex Strategy, the company is focused on making further progress on integrating sustainability into the Group's supply chain. This progress has materialized in the Global Water Management Strategy, which includes our Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals pledge for 2020 as part of the initiative being championed by Greenpeace.

All of this has inspired the creation of inditex Green Code which applies environmental compliance assessment and control criteria to Inditex' manufacturing principles, as applied in the supply chain.