Water and the supply chain

In Inditex, we are not only aware of the importance of water as part of our ecosystems, we are also aware of its scarcity and the need to use it responsibly. Water is one of the key resources in the textile industry, so sustainable use of water is necessary throughout the supply chain. This is the reason that we are concerned about responsible management of water, a concern that is expressed in our Global Water Management Strategy. Moreover, the greatest use of water is to be found in cotton growing and in textile wet processes. For this reason, we have developed a Master Plan for Water Management in the Production Chain, directed at suppliers of wet processes. The wet processes involved in the textile production chain are shown below.

The Master Plan for Water Management in the Production Chain, part of our Global Water Management Strategy, is intended to guide our efforts and those of our suppliers in favour of sustainable use of this vital resource. This Master Plan is based on the following objectives, focussed on our supply chain:

1. More sustainable production with less intensive use of natural resources.

2. Zero discharge of undesirable chemical substances by 2020.

Our supply chain consists of more than 1,500 suppliers in over 40 countries. Given the annual increases in production demands, ensuring the sustainability of the supply chain has become a strategic priority for Inditex. For this reason, and in order to achieve the objectives of the Master Plan, we have developed the project Capacity Building in the Supply Chain. This project consists in the environmental evaluation of our suppliers and their capacity building to improve their environmental performance in order to achieve more sustainable production and zero chemical discharge in 2020.