Training materials

In Inditex, we believe that achieving a more sustainable supply chain, with less-intensive use of natural resources and zero discharge in 2020 must be based on a commitment to continuous improvement. Training, both of internal professional workers and of our suppliers, is the key to achieving our objectives and to continuous improvement of the environmental performance of our supply chain. Our training programs have been developed with the collaboration of many experts, both internal and external, from all of the fields involved: chemistry, physics, engineering, textile processes, etc. We have developed the following training programs:

  • Green to Wear environmental evaluation
  • Treatment of waste water
  • Management and use of chemical products
Green to Wear environmental evaluation

To harmonise the application of the Green to Wear Standard during the environmental evaluation of our supply chain, we have prepared the Supporting Guide for sustainable manufacturing for Green to Wear products. The aim of this guide is to help the technical team in the application of the indicators included in the Green to Wear questionnaire in order to evaluate the environmental performance of wet process mills in a proper, uniform way. This guide ensures that the decisions of different members of the technical team regarding compliance with an indicator are uniform, with no risk of differing interpretations.

Waste water treatments

As part of our collaborative agreement, the University of La Coruña has carried out a study of the different processes and technologies that exist for treating waste water from wet textile processes. Technical data sheets have been prepared for each process, explaining their operation and control. These data sheets are intended for use by both the textile mills, to help them to improve the operation of their treatment systems, and by the technical team in charge of developing and updating the Green to Wear Standard.









Management and use of chemical products

In collaboration with the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals group (ZDHC), we have elaborated a range of training materials to orient suppliers regarding the use and management of chemicals during wet textile processes.

  • Module 1. Introduction to Chemical Management Agenda
  • Module 2. Hazards and Risks, Risk Assessment, Risk Control Hierarchy
  • Module 3. ZDHC MRSL, Functions and Best Practices of SDS, Chemical Labelling, Chemical Risks Communication
  • Module 4. Safe Use of Chemicals, Transfer and Storage at the Facility, PPE Selection, Emergency Response
  • Module 5. Types of Environmental Impact, Mitigation Measures, Waste water Treatment and Monitoring 

The training materials can be found in the ZDHC website: