Results and conclusions

Since starting the project Capacity Building in the Supply Chain, we have collected a large quantity of data on the environmental performance of our supply chain. Our environmental sustainability team analyses the results obtained during the Green to Wear evaluations, in order to improve the Green to Wear Standard and adapt it to the reality of our suppliers, and so allow us to achieve more sustainable production. In parallel with this, the University of La Coruña (UdC) analyses the results of the water samples, to evaluate the level of compliance with our commitment to zero discharge in 2020, and issues a report with their conclusions.

There is also a report on the results of the water samples collected in the participating mills in the project Capacity Building in the Supply Chain. In order to comply with data protection requirements, we have developed an internal code, to allow us to publish the results. The University of La Coruña (UdC) certifies the independent verification by third parties of all of the results of analyses that are published in this web site.

Nevertheless, many mills voluntarily publish their name and the results of the analyses in the web page of the Chinese Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs (IPE), a non-profit organisation that publishes environmental data from companies in order to promote environmental improvements in their installations.

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