Closing the loop

As part of our commitment to the environment and the society, at Inditex we are aware of the need for a better management of the apparel and footwear waste. With the launching of the Closing the Loop project in 2015, we promote the reuse and recycling of our garments collaborating with social organizations, recycling companies, textile manufacturers and universities, in order to explore efficient solutions of textile recycling.

The Closing the Loop project combines environmental and social sustainability with the aim of no textile garment ends up in landfill. Therefore, we have installed specific containers in our stores, offices and logistics centres to collect used garments, footwear and accessories to give them a second life. For the collection and classification tasks, we collaborate with social integration organisations.  The products are classified prioritizing its reuse in the in nearby communities.

For those products that can not being reuse and for other manufacturing waste as cuts from the cutting process, we have developed a production line to facilitate its recycle through innovative industrial technologies. We collaborate with universities and leading companies of the industry in the development of recycling technologies, creating new raw materials of equal or higher quality than those collected, whenever possible, allowing the closure of the production cycle. In order to close the loop, it is essential that chemical products used in textile and footwear manufacturing do not have undesirable substances. It is key to also work in eco-design to manufacture more durable and recyclable products. Our commitment of Zero Discharge of undesirable chemical substances by the year 2020 is essential to advance towards a circular economy model.